Friday, 22 May 2009

What do you ask the skinny people?

I love dumb questions (not).

Why is it that when I (a somewhat-overweight-but-not-even-remotely-in-need-of-stomach-stapling 30 year old) get a more-or-less healthy lunch (lasanga rolls, veggies, diet soda) some joker has to go "Oh, eating healthy today?"

What? Considering I avoid anything fried like the plague, try to eat veggies at least once a day, and am attempting to cut down on my pastry consumption, that's pretty out-of-line. Actually, that's just out-of-line in general. Would you say "Oh, eating shitty today?" to the skinny person behind me getting a cheeseburger on white bun with some really hideous looking onion rings, two cookies, and a large regular soda? Would you say it to the extremely morbidly obese person ahead of me (and when I say extreme I could eaily fit inside one pantleg and I'm not little) who has bought enough food for a family and is now sitting down to eat by themselves?

Thanks, dude. And for the record...there's a scone in my knitting bag.


  1. That is just...Why is that even okay? Commenting on food choices if you are a food service professional (I use that term loosely), geez. This is just not okay. And, why would you point out the healthy option? You'd think that the cheeseburger, onion rings, cookie and the soda would be the marked option. If your goal is to get people to eat better, you'd think that you'd want to not shame people into doing the wrong thing. (And, sorry, I see that, "Healthy, eh?" as sort of shaming by bringing something that might be a new thing that you're trying into focus and highlighting how awful you normally eat, you know?)

  2. You have something waiting for you at my blog :)