Saturday, 16 January 2010

Update on week 1 of my Special K Challenge. I have lost 5 lbs! That's right! 5 lbs! I'm so excited! I think it's really working. I've enjoyed it so far. I've also added a new exercise video to my routine. I bought a resistance band kit from work and I know it's working because I am so sore. We also been having some unseasonbly warm weather here in the New York area so I have done some walking. I met some friends for dinner at the great restaurant in the East Village. I decided to go straight from work then going all the way home, being there for about 10 minutes and then turn right around and leave. I had an hour to kill before we were supposed to meet so I walked around the Village for a bit. I like exploring new neighborhoods. Yesterday, I walked to work. It was a good walk but halfway there I could feel a blister forming on my heel and by the time I got to work it has huge. It really hurts. I hope it pops soon because it really is painful and I don't want it to interfere with m progress. I guess I'll just have to fight through the pain.

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