Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wine Party

So, last night I had a few friends over for some wine. I try to do this thing every month or so (this gives me a good reason to clean my apartment) where we all pick a variety of wine and then everyone brings a bottle and we all get to try several different kinds of the type of wine. It works out pretty well. I keep forgetting that I want to stop by the dollar store and buy little notebooks so that people can keep track of their favorite wines from the evening, but I still think people get a good sense of what they like. At the very least, you'll hopefully remember the label so that when you're at the store and thinking, "Oh, I need some wine" you can also think, "Oh, I remember liking that one."

Last night we tried Cabernet Sauvignon. There were some that were okay in my opinion and some that were not particularly nice. There was one (luckily the first of the evening) that was just beautiful. It had strong cherry overtones and it was just really, really nice.

Even though I'm tracking my food as one of my rules on Health Month, I relaxed last night and didn't stress tracking every single piece of cheese and every last pickled garlic clove (which are so delicious.) My big deal isn't about tracking calories or what I eat because I'm trying to hit specific targets, my object is to be aware of what I'm doing and how it makes me feel. I have come to wonder if I use food as entertainment or comfort or to alleviate boredom and if I'm ignoring how I actually feel because of the intake of food. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to not only write down what I eat, but also write down how I feel half an hour after. Huh.


  1. hi ... dropped by because i'm also on health month. i like how you're regularly blogging.

    i have tracking meals also as one of my rules. and yeah, i don't always track stuff down to little tidbits, esp. with a social event. anyway, i have a smartphone and have been using (which also has an app and is one of several apps/on-line tools available); it works for me but not so well for one of my friends. anyway, i log my food, exercise, blood pressure, and after reading your blog, i'm going to add how i feel! that's a great idea!

    another journal thought came to mind. back in 2010, my friend, joanne, blogged about her 2010 start over here. she loves color code's food journal.

    anyway ...a new week is coming up! enjoy your sunday!

  2. I'll have to both check on those blogs and that app! And, I'm glad you like the idea. I just have this intuition with it that tracking how I feel will make me more aware of how I use food and that will help me make more permanent changes. We'll see, though, right? :D